Uwell Amulet Watch Pod Vape Kit Review

The Uwell Amulet Watch is the ultimate discreet pod vape kit. It is a watch that doubles as a vaping device. Forget fitting your vaping device in your pocket or bag. The Uwell Amulet stays on your hand and wouldn’t draw any unwanted attention. What’s more, this device is easy to use, and it comes with a refillable pod so you can vape any e-juice of your choice. Whether you are new to vaping or you are looking for a device to use when you’re on-the-go, this is an excellent option

The Uwell Amulet Watch measures 47.7mm by 37.5mm by 17.2mm and weighs 27g. It is made of PCTG, polycarbonate, and silicone. This device is the perfect balance of fashion and functionality. Uwell did an incredible job with the Amulet. To detach the device from the battery, you need to press the small button on the plastic frame right below the screen. It pops right out of the frame. When you fix the device back in, it clicks into place.

The Uwell Amulet Watch pod vape kit has a built-in 370mAh battery. The battery power is not so great, but what can you expect from such a puny sized device. Thankfully, it doesn’t take too long to charge. There is a micro USB cable attached to the device for charging it. The charging port is located under the device.

The Amulet is a draw-activated device. The power button on the left side of the device turns it on/off when you click it five times quickly. This Uwell watch vaporizer does not come with variable wattage. It can fire up to 10W. It comes with safety features like open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, 8-second cut-off, and more. But that’s not all; the watch is dustproof and moistureproof (not waterproof).

The Uwell pod is the top part of the device. You simply need to pull it off to detach it from the device. The refill port is located under the vape pod and is covered by a silicone stopper. The pod can hold 2ml of e-juice and comes with a 1.6 ohm coil. This is a mouth-to-lung device. The mouthpiece tends to get a little warm when you are chain vaping, but that is not a major turn-off.

The Uwell Amulet is not just a vaping device, but it is also a watch. It displays the time and date as well as the battery level and resistance of your coil. You can change the time and date by pressing the power button three times quickly. The is a touch screen device. When you tap on the screen, it wakes up.

If you are left-handed, you can still use the Uwell Amulet. Simply press the power button for four seconds, and the display will flip. This will make it easier to control when you are wearing it on your right hand.

The Uwell Amulet is selling for just £49.99 at the Vapour Days vape store while a pack of two replacement pods is going for £12.99. This company ships to all locations within the United Kingdom. You will find a vast array of vaping products including e-liquids, vaping hardware, and accessories at this store.

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