The vaping industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are scores of e-liquid brands today with hundreds of flavors. However, not all e-liquids taste as they’re supposed to. It appears that some vapes are all hype and no substance. If you are new to the world of vaping and you’re trying to find e-liquid brands that you can trust, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll look at five of the leading vape juice brands on the market.

1. Naked 100

The Naked 100 brand has only been around since 2016, but it has emerged as one of the top vape juice series on the market. This e-liquid line is brought to you by The Schwartz E-Liquids. This company, which is based in Southern California, makes all its e-liquids using top-shelf ingredients. You can tell that the people behind the Naked 100 series were aiming for perfection and they hit the mark spot-on. There is a vast array of e-liquid flavors in the Naked 100 line. You can choose from fruity, tobacco, menthol, creamy, candy, nicotine salt vapes, and more. Naked 100 is an award-winning e-liquid series. Once you try any e-juice flavor from this line, you’d understand why it is so highly rated. Visit to check out buy Naked 100 e-liquids.

2. Ruthless Vapor MFG

Ruthless Vapor MFG is an award-winning brand that is synonymous with premium e-liquids. This company, which is based in Southern California, was established in 2011 and has steadily churned out top-shelf e-liquids. The Ruthless Vapor brand started with just a few e-liquids under an eponymous line. Today, the company has several e-liquid series in its collection including the original Ruthless line, Loaded, Ruthless Rewind, Twist by Loaded, Pleasure Factory, Over Loaded E-Juice, and Ravve. All Ruthless e-liquids are produced in an ISO 7 lab with food-grade ingredients by culinary experts. The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to make its vape liquids. You cannot go wrong when you buy something from Ruthless. Check out the Ejuice Plug online store for Ruthless e-liquids.

3. Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is an e-juice maker that comes to you from Malaysia. This award-winning company has earned a reputation for making some exceptional vape juice flavors. Although Nasty Juice has been around for less than five years, it has already made a mark in the industry. This company is committed to producing the very best e-juice flavors. Nasty Juice started with the eponymous Nasty Juice series but has expanded to include other lines like Cali Salt, Juicy Salt, Bastard, Dizzit, Crizp, and Moo Shake. If you are interested in buying Nasty Juice e-liquids, visit

4. Vapetasia

Vapetasia is an e-juice brand that comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. The company started with the award-winning Killer Kustard line and has continued to expand its collection with other e-juice lines like the Signature collection, the Vape Parfait collection, the Goodies collection, and the Vapetasia Salts collection. All Vapetasia e-liquids bear the same mark of excellence. They are crafted according to strict standards by expert mixologists. If you are looking for the best e-liquid flavors on the market, the Vapetasia brand is a good place to start. Visit the Ejuice Plug online shop to buy Vapetasia e-liquids.

5. Jam Monster

Whether you are a seasoned vaper or you’re new to the industry, the chances are that you’ve heard about Jam Monster e-liquids. The Jam Monster line is dedicated to buttered toast and jam vape juice blend. Each of the mouthwatering vape liquids in this collection is produced in Florida by Monster Vape Labs. The company uses high-quality ingredients to make its vape liquids. All Jam Monster vapes go through a strict quality control process before they hit the market. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting nothing but the best. Check out the Ejuice Plug vape store to get Jam Monster e-liquids.

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