From the moment you open the bottle of this vape juice, your nostrils are graced with the savoury aroma of summertime goodness. Paw-berry Lemonade is a summertime classic with a gentle taste of ripe strawberries blended perfectly with lemonade that will send your taste buds to vape heaven. Every drag is just as the first even up to the last drop, and unlike many vape juices out there, Paw-berry Lemonade does not give you any restricting chemical taste which is thanks to the simple mixture of PG, VG, Flavouring and Nicotine. No additives or extenders whatsoever. This lemon ejuice has a natural taste that will make you feel like you were sipping a glass of the real deal which will keep you vaping all day without getting bored even for once.

Atomic Dog Vapor is a US company with its headquarters in Erie, PA. well known for producing high-quality vape juice, and leaving them at affordable prices. Their focus is manufacturing premium vape juice blends that are made inhouse and under strict supervision, and today they have over 40 different e-juice flavours which span cream, dessert, pastry, and fruit flavours.

Paw-berry Lemonade is a premium e-juice made with premium ingredients just like all the other flavours in the Atomic Dog Vapor e-juice collection. This lends Paw-berry lemonade an outstanding organic taste that remains fresh down to the last drop. If you are a vaper with a thing for tropical blends, then this vape juice is bound to appeal to you. The rich blend of the ripe lemons and sweetness in the lemonade is one to leave a lasting impression on your tongue even long after you are done vaping. On both the inhale and exhale, Paw-berry Lemonade e-juice rewards you with the juiciness of the strawberries and the citrusy tartness of lemonade. It is a smooth and well-balanced mixture that will keep you taking more hits.

The vape juice contains 70 per cent Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and 30 per cent Propylene Glycol (PG). This ratio lends Paw-berry Lemonade E-juice its dense structure which makes it perfect to be vaped with sub-ohm tanks and a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Paw-berry Lemonade E-juice goes easy on your coils so you do not have to suffer changing your coils very frequently. If you are a vaper whose preference is vaping enormous clouds of vapour, Paw-berry Lemonade E-juice is an ideal solution that will keep you chucking out dense clouds of lemony vapour.

In addition to all this, Paw-berry Lemonade E-juice is made with high-quality nicotine for all the nicotine fanatics out there that love to chain vape. This vape juice is available in varying nicotine strengths, from 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG, and 24MG of nicotine. Paw-berry Lemonade E-juice is designed to deliver a satisfyingly gentle throat hit so you do not have to worry about hurting your throat even with a bottle containing 24MG of nicotine. Even if you are a vaper that does not consume nicotine at all, Atomic Dog Vapor has got you covered.

Just as it is with many of their e-juices, the packaging of Paw-berry Lemonade by Atomic Dog Vapor is excellent with just enough information to keep you anxious. The vape juice is available in different bottle sizes, and it is sold for a very affordable price. It is available in 30ML and 124ML. A 30ML bottle of Paw-berry Lemonade is usually sold for $8.99, however, you can get the same 30ML bottle for $7.99 on the Atomic Dog Vapor website. Always make sure you buy your e-juice from reputable sellers and not just “off the street” just do you avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Grab yourself a bottle of Paw-berry Lemonade and add summertime brightness to every single day. Male every vape session irresistibly exciting, and when you are done with a bottle, you can easily purchase another without having to worry about extraordinary prices. Atomic Dog Vapor offers impressive fast shipping so you do not have to wait too long for your e-juice bottle to come through.

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