Naked 100 Max Disposable Vape Review

Naked 100 max disposable vape is a newly released device by the naked 100 brand. This company is famous for its customer-focused products and quality, mouthwatering e-liquids. Recently, Naked 100 ventured into the world of disposable vapes by creating a revolutionary disposable – Naked 100 max disposable.

Naked 100 max quickly took the market by storm and competently competed with other vapes on the market. This device has quickly become a fan favorite, especially for vapers who enjoy the diverse flavors from Naked 100. It is compact, convenient, easy to use, rechargeable, and comes in 8 different flavors. Since the release of this brand, Naked 100 has become one of the most revered disposable vape brands. Here is a review of the Naked 100 max disposable vape.


Draw activated

The naked 100 max disposable vape is draw-activated, meaning you do not need to press buttons to enjoy massive vapor and mouthwatering flavors. The device uses smart technology that detects a vaper’s lips and produces vapor as soon as they make a draw. This is a highly convenient feature, especially for new vapers who might find pressing buttons complicated and time-consuming.

Rechargeable battery

The naked 100 max disposable vape has a 500mAh pre-charged battery that supports recharging. This ensures that you get to enjoy every bit of the 4500 puffs the device offers. This vape falls under the category of long-lasting uninterrupted vaping devices. The battery completes charging within record time to ensure you don’t stay long without your vape.

Design, appearance, and feel

The naked 100 max disposable vape comes in a compact, portable design. It is slim with soft rounded edges and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This vape can fit into your breast pocket without struggle and encourages easy and convenient traveling.

This device is made using top-notch durable material that can withstand falls and impact. It has a nice finish that prevents it from sliding from the hand. The Naked 100 max disposable vape comes in different visually appealing hues that attract a vaper’s attention from afar.

E-juice capacity

Naked 100 max disposable vape has a vape juice capacity of 10ml that is pre-filled and lasts long enough to quench your vape thirst for several days. This vape ensures continuous production of a voluminous cloud for the cloud chasers.

5% salt nicotine

The naked 100 max disposable has a 5% nicotine strength that ensures you enjoy your vaping experience throughout the day while meeting your nicotine craves.

Mesh coil

This device has a 1.2ohm coil that is not fit for use in sub-ohm tank systems. The vape juice is intended for low-wattage devices and produces a cloud that is optimal, leaving you feeling the kick in every draw. The mesh coil facilitates a rapid heating speed, better clouds, and favorable flavor production.


Naked 100 max disposable vape includes some of the mouthwatering flavors we love from Naked 100. These flavors range from fruity to dessert, which allows vapers to choose a flavor that fulfills their palate needs. This vape has an average of 8 flavors, all of which leaves you craving for more while also satisfying your nicotine needs. Naked 100 max flavors are lava flow, ice apple, ice brain freeze, ice blueberry lemon, ice cherry lemon, ice peach mango, and ice watermelon.


Naked 100 max disposable satisfies the desire of every vaper with smooth and lingering tasty clouds, thick cloud production, intensified kick with every draw, and long-lasting vaping enjoyment.

Where to buy the Naked 100 max disposable vape

The Naked 100 disposable vape is available at West Coast Vape Supply for $12.99

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