Indulge Your Senses: Exploring the Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape Flavors

The Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape is crafted with care, ensuring that each vape session is memorable. The vape distillate is made of 2.2 grams of THC-A, THC-P, Delta 6, HXY10, and THC-B – live resin concentrate, delivering a powerful punch with every puff. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this disposable vape complies with the 2018 farm bill, containing less than 0.3% THC. Lab results for each batch are readily available on the Exodus website, allowing you to verify the quality and purity of the product.

Flavorwise, this device offers authentic, pure tastes that awaken the taste buds. This piece will explore the Exodus Zooted series disposable flavors. Let’s begin…

Exploring the Flavors of the Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape

One of the most exciting aspects of the Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape is the wide range of flavors available. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a unique and enjoyable vaping experience. 

Trainwreck (Sativa) – Earthy and Citrus

The Trainwreck flavor is perfect for those seeking an uplifting and energizing experience. This sativa-dominant strain will awaken your senses with its earthy and citrus notes. The citrus aroma combines beautifully with the earthy undertones, creating a refreshing and invigorating flavor profile.

Strawberry Lemonade (Hybrid) – Strawberry and Lime

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, the Strawberry Lemonade flavor will not disappoint. This hybrid strain combines the sweetness of strawberries with the tanginess of lime, resulting in a delightful and refreshing vaping experience. The burst of fruity flavors will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Berry Gelato (Indica) – Berry and Fruity

For those who enjoy the relaxing effects of Indica strains, the Berry Gelato flavor is a must-try. This delicious blend of berry and fruity flavors provides a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. With its soothing effects and delectable taste, the Berry Gelato flavor is perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Bahama Mama (Sativa)

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the Bahama Mama flavor. This sativa-dominant strain combines the flavors of pineapple, orange, and grenadine to create a truly exotic vaping experience. Close your eyes, take a puff, and let the tropical flavors whisk you to a sunny beachside getaway.

Papaya Punch (Hybrid) – Papaya and Punch

The Papaya Punch flavor offers a delightful fusion of papaya and punch flavors. This hybrid strain provides a well-balanced vaping experience, combining the sweetness of papaya with the punchy notes of a tropical fruit punch. Each puff will leave you wanting more of this tropical delight.

Grape Soda (Indica) – Sweet and Tangy Notes of Grape

Indulge your senses with the Grape Soda flavor. This indica strain captures the essence of sweet and tangy grapes, creating a vaping experience that is both delightful and refreshing. The burst of grape flavors will leave a lingering sweetness on your palate, making it a perfect choice for grape enthusiasts.

Dosage Guideline

When it comes to consuming the Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape, it’s essential to start with a low dosage and gradually increase as needed. The potency of the vape, combined with its delicious flavors, can make it easy to get carried away.

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 puffs per session. You can increase the dosage after 30 minutes if you need more to achieve the desired effects. Effects should last between 3 to 4 hours. 

Where to Buy the Exodus Zooted Series 2.2 Grams Disposable Vape

The Exodus Zooted THCA Disposable Vape is available on the Exodus website for $29.99. Visit the site today and get yourself this incredible, high-performance, delicious vape.

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