Hyde N-Bar Disposable Vape 1500 Puffs Review

 If you want to get into vaping and don’t know how to go about it, this might help you. There are many vape systems and e-liquids on the market by different brands. For first-time vapers, using disposable vape devices is the ideal choice. These devices are designed to be easy to use and offer comfort to the user. With these devices, you can operate them without knowing any technical details of how vape devices work and how to care for them as you would a manual vape device. There are different types of disposable vape devices on the market, but the Hyde brand arguably has some of the best currently available. This brand has a series of disposable vape systems on the market, and all are made using high-quality materials. All Hyde disposables on the market will offer pleasant vape sessions. This post will focus on the Hyde N-Bar disposable. This device features a classic design, and a solid battery offers a large puff count. The most notable feature of this device is that the battery of this disposable system is rechargeable. Below are some other features of this disposable vape device to keep in mind.


The Hyde N-Bar disposable comes with a compact design featuring a sleek look. This disposable vape system is also portable and can be carried around or placed in the pockets without any issues. The Hyde N-Bar disposable is also ideal for discreet vaping. The Hyde N-Bar disposable is also available in different color finishes.


The Hyde N-Bar disposable comes fitted with a 600 mAh battery that is designed to be recharged. With this disposable vape system, you can easily get the battery recharged using a USB cord, unlike many other vape devices on the market.

Vape Juice

The Hyde N-Bar disposable comes with e-liquids of different flavors. These e-liquids contain about 50 percent nicotine salt and can offer about 4500 puffs before running out. Below are details of these flavors.

Strawberry Ice Cream – The mix of ripe strawberries and ice cream is popular in the vaping industry. And this brand has done justice to this flavor. The blend of these flavors is top-notch and of impressive quality. 

Banana Ice – This Hyde e-liquid flavor is also impressive. The blend of sweet ripe bananas and menthol will have you craving another hit.

Cherry Peach Lemonade – When it comes to beverage flavored e-liquids, there are very on the market as good as Cherry Peach Lemonade. This vape juice flavor is the type you sought on a hot summer day.

Bananas & Cream – This vape juice flavor offers a blend of ripe bananas and cream. These flavors flow effortlessly throughout the inhale and exhale.

Sour Apple Ice – This Hyde N-Bar vape juice has sour apple flavor that blends perfectly with menthol. This e-liquid flavor is ideal for long vape sessions. 

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