It is no secret that smoking wreaks havoc on your skin. It causes you to look older than what you really are by causing wrinkles and other skin problems. The good news is, that if you are quitting smoking, your skin will thank you, and start to improve.  If you are thinking about quitting smoking, or you are in the very early stages of quitting, here is a run down of what your skin is doing. It really is amazing what your body will do to improve itself once the toxins are gone.

Increased Blood Flow

Nicotine in your blood causes an ageing effect that is greatly noticed. As soon as you quit smoking, you and others will notice a difference in your complexion as your blood starts circulating better, providing the nutrients and oxygen you need to keep your skin looking younger and healthy.


The appearance of your skin, especially on your face will improve almost immediately after you quit smoking.  Your complexion will change from a pale yellow colour, and you will be blessed with that healthy glow you had before smoking was even a thought in your mind. Your pores will become noticeably smaller within weeks and you will notice less skin irritations such as blemishes. Check here!


You do not notice it while you are smoking but others around you do. Your skin lets off an odour that is exclusive to smokers. As the nicotine travels through your blood, it gets into your pores and is secreted through your skin. When you quit smoking, you will be surprised by how much of a difference you notice in they way you smell not only to yourself but to other people around you as well.


Your skin becomes super dried out and wrinkles form a lot easier than a non smokers. Smoking causes the nutrients your skin needs to not travel where they need to. Depending on your age, how long you have been smoking and your dietary habits, your skin can go back to normal once the is circulating again.

To maintain your new healthy look, or to speed up the process, it is important to help it along by taking a multivitamin. You can buy over the counter vitamins made especially for smokers and ex smokers. They include vitamin C and zinc, which will help with your skins appearance and help with improving your healthy glow. You can also get facial scrubs and cleaners that contain vitamin E to help with your appearance after you have quit smoking.


Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things in the world to do. It is cited to be next to heroin, if not worse when it comes to addictions. If you are quitting, do not beat yourself up if you have a relapse. Just keep trying. The health benefits are worth it, not only for you but for the once sharing a space with you as well. Don’t give up! Just keep focusing on a happier, healthier new you! Check out this site:

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