A78 Disposable Vape By AAOK Vape Review

A78 is a device that combines convenience, style, and performance to provide vapers with the ultimate vape. This newest release by AAOK Vape is rapidly becoming a staple device for novice and experienced vapers. The device delivers powerful hits, authentic flavors, and an aesthetic design, making it one of the best in the market. If you are looking for a disposable vape to add to your collection, look no further than the A78 by AAOK Vape. Below is a detailed review of the vaporizer atomizer;

Product Features

Battery capacity

This e-cigarette has a 600mAh battery capacity with enough power to fire up all 9000 puffs. Depending on your frequency, this high puff count assures you of wholesome vaping sessions for a week or more. The battery is rechargeable. Hence you can enjoy your sessions even after the storm has run out. You can find the charging port at the bottom of the device. The device takes record time to fully charge, ensuring your vaping is not interrupted for long.

Vape juice capacity

A78 disposable vape holds a 19ml vape juice capacity, enough to support 9000 puffs, give or take. The e-juice is infused with 2% nicotine, enough to satiate any craving. A 19ml pod capacity is quite impressive for such a small device.

Build material and mouthpiece. 

The device is made of high-quality material that is highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. A78 has an incredible finish that supports a firm grip, making it easy to vape for longer hours. The ergonomic mouthpiece perfectly locks into your mouth, leaving no space for spillage.


With a wide range of flavors, A78 disposable vape allows you to custom make your taste by mixing different flavors. This essential unique feature has effortlessly put the A78 disposable vape at the top of the hierarchy of disposable vapes. The flavors available include mixed berries, cola ice, pineapple, watermelon ice, bubble gum, grape ice, blueberry ice, mango ice, strawberry ice cream, and peach ice.

Mesh coil

To maintain a steady and balanced flavor and vapor production, A78 disposable vape has a mesh coil. The mesh coil supports a voluminous cloud production that excites cloud chasers. If you are a cloud chaser, who loves to watch incredible cloud production, this A78 disposable vape should be added to your list of favorites. You will also enjoy the instant heating and the smoothness of the flavors.

Automatic activation mode 

A78 disposable vape is easy to start because it employs an automatic firing mechanism. This feature makes it easy to operate this e-cigarette by avoiding using buttons to fire up the device. It is, therefore, a device that can be used across all generations and by both beginners and expert vapers.

Display screen

A78 is an incredibly sized device that fits into tiny spaces and pockets, making you enjoy your sessions anywhere. This e-cigarette has a display screen for battery and e-liquid. The screen helps you monitor the e-liquid and battery capacity level to avoid surprises, such as the battery or e-juice running out unexpectedly.

Where to purchase the A78 disposable vape

The A78 disposable vape is available directly from the AAOK Vape website. This is the leading wholesale distributor of premium vaping products. AAOK Vape offers OEM and ODM services at reasonable prices ranging from $1.8 to $3.5 per vape, offering 600 to 20,000 puffs. Visit the site today and enjoy great prices, high-quality products, and satisfactory customer service.

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